Environmental Remediation, Industrial,
and Emergency Response Services


Zebra provides a variety of recurring industrial cleaning services to customers in industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, energy, and engineering, and others.

Zebra environmental services

Our specialty fleet enables us to safely, compliantly, and efficiently collect and transport both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

We provide vacuum trucks and other pneumatic equipment to remove both wet and dry sludge, grit, and waste water from sumps, oil-water separators, trench drains, catch basins, tanks and other equipment and containers. We are a trusted, nested element of many plant operations.

We provide a full range of decommissioning and active maintenance to manufacturing facilities on an industrial scale and often under strict deadlines. Zebra’s mobile crews travel efficiently to all locations on the east coast.

Our hydro-blasting and line cleaning services include high-pressure systems ranging from 10,000 psi – 40,000 psi. These systems are used to clean heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, reactors and piping. A variety of 3D nozzles with rotating jets makes the need for confined space entry less likely.

Zebra is an industry leader in tank cleaning services. We have a long and proven history of cleaning and removing above and below ground tanks containing a variety of materials including fuels, chemicals, biological media, food grade materials, resins, coatings and other persistent substances. We have developed specialized tools, means and methods that require us to enter tanks less and perform cleanings more safely. We routinely collect, manage and dispose of resulting waste streams resulting from these events as part of our full circle service delivery.


Zebra has a long track record of successfully delivering remedial solutions to a variety of industries on a national basis. Our experience includes decades of work with several remedial technologies including excavation and land-filling, stabilization, thermal treatment, injections, RCRA capping and dredging. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and implement remedial solutions that are safe, compliant, practical and cost effective. Zebra crews are multidisciplinary owing to our industrial and civil roots and we routinely leverage those skills for the benefit of our customers.

Zebra industrial services

We have completed hundreds of projects involving the identification, excavation, and removal of hazardous and non-hazardous soil, ground and surface waters drums, and other containers. Our staff have significant experience managing a wide spectrum of impacted media including soil, sediment, sludge, rock, groundwater, NAPL, etc. We are a recognized industry leader in the provisioning of these services and expert at delivering innovative solutions catered to each project.

The end-point for most contaminants is a region’s wetlands, and remediation of these areas requires specialized tools and processes, including Zebra’s dewatering, dredging, solidification, bypass pumping, and restoration services. Zebra’s industrial, liquid management resources support our wetland and sediment remediation capabilities.

Zebra is a regional leader in the tank removal market and performs this core service on a daily basis. Our tank removal crews have decades of experience on both large and small tank removal sites and perform tank removal services in a programmatic way for the manufacturing, municipal, residential, and retail industries. Our ability to internalize most of the waste processing resulting from tank removal projects allows us to better control costs and makes us an attractive industrial partner to our clients.

Zebra crews routinely install remedial systems at both active and inactive facilities. Most of these projects include injections and air treatment. We self-perform all elements of the equipment installation, O&M and decommissioning.

Working with hazardous materials is a part of many business operations, and Zebra is there to provide support in the capture, containment, and removal of hazardous materials as well as the remediation of areas impacted by them.


Zebra Environmental and Industrial Services offers emergency response solutions for existing clients in need of 24/7 protection against unexpected contingencies.

zebra emergency response services

We have a long and proven history of providing spill cleanups for a variety of industries and organizations, including energy, oil and gas, and transportation services.

Trains occasionally derail, trucks crash, and vessels sink. Zebra has the expertise and emergency response equipment to meet most of the problems associated with transportation-related mishaps.

Zebra is a dedicated emergency response partner providing integrated fire and rescue support for oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and related businesses. We’re also able to provide training and consulting support for industries eager to understand and mitigate against fire risks as well as how to respond in emergencies.

Working with hazardous materials is a part of many business operations, and Zebra is there to provide support in the capture, containment, and removal of hazardous materials as well as the remediation of areas impacted by them.

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