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An uncompromising commitment to safety. Years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience. And world-class facilities, technologies, and tools. We are Zebra Environmental & Industrial Services.

  • Tank Cleaning Hazmat
  • Building Blasting
  • Chemical Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Truck & Service Station
  • Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Secure containment


Zebra is a leading provider of industrial services that include, but are not limited to: vacuum truck/tanker transportation and disposal; tank, vault, pit and pipeline cleaning; decontamination; transfer, storage and disposal of non-hazardous materials; hydro-blasting; mold, lead, and asbestos removal; demolition; abatement and plant decommissioning.

Zebra has the ability to treat and dispose of non-hazardous waste at its state-of-the-art disposal and processing facility and is often an integral part of manufacturing plant operations.

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Zebra provides a broad array of environmental remediation services, including underground storage tank removal and disposal, excavation, transporation, and disposal of contaminated soils, lagoon/basin closures, remediation system installations, tank inspections, stabilization of sludges, and treatment/disposal of non hazardous and hazardous waste streams.

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  • Tank Truck & Service Station
  • Hose Suction
  • Pavement Cleanup
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Zebra offers 24-hour emergency response services to a number of its clients. Services include site reconnaissance and control; spill containment and clean up; materials collection and containment; off-site transportation and disposal; and emergency response agreements that can be tailored to an organization’s unique needs.

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Client Testimonials

I have consistently used Zebra in the last few years and will continue to use them. Whether it’s a storm, emergency response or routine work, they are always available. They always respond, are on time, use appropriate PPE, they do a good job and they are a great bunch of guys to work with!

Mark Pritchard, Environmental Specialist, Duke Energy
We have used Zebra Environmental and Industrial services for more than a decade and they have always been a pleasure to work with. They are safety-oriented and professional. They work on the job for the amount of time necessary to get the work done. They handle waste disposal appropriately. We have remediated a lot of contaminated properties with Zebra and never had a negative experience with them. We highly recommend Zebra.
Jason Johnson, VP, Advanced Environmental Services

I wanted you to know that you really saved me yesterday. That facility is sort of ‘out of sight and out of mind,’ but if that sump fills to a certain level the system shuts down. You getting that vac truck over there as quickly as you did yesterday took one less thing off my plate, and I appreciate it.

James Hedgecock, Senior Operator, Colonial Pipeline Company


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