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Zebra Environmental & Industrial Services, Inc. - Remedial Services


ZEBRA Environmental and Industrial Services, Inc. is located in High Point, NC. Conveniently situated between Highways 29/70 (old85) and new 311, our facility is equipped with the capability to blend fuels, separate water and fuel, stabilize and solidify non-hazardous sludge’s and solid waste for direct bulk transportation and disposal.

Special considerations were taken to construct an environmentally safe facility that can economically handle liquid and solid non-hazardous waste. The process area is contained on three sides by impervious concrete dike wall and the fourth side guarded by a full-length liquid containment sump. The process area is covered and has 12-foot roof skirts for protection against blowing precipitation. The process area allows for year round facility operations.

140,000 gallons of above ground tank storage complement the facilities process area. The concrete dike for the storage tanks is constructed with state of the art design in the event of spill containment. This storage capability allows for the bulk handling and blending of liquids.

Our facility allows ZEBRA to offer complete and comprehensive stabilization of non-hazardous waste for cost effective bulk disposal. Zebra will be able to accept and process non-hazardous/regulated materials contained within assorted packaging. We can accept dump trucks/trailers, vacuum trucks/tankers, super suckers, roll-offs, drums, totes and cubic yard boxes. A 22,000 square foot warehouse contains the specialized equipment and personal protective equipment used by ZEBRA to ensure safe work. The facility and property is completely protected by a 6-foot high security fence.

ZEBRA personnel are the company's most valuable assets. Our employees meet or exceed the training requirements set forth in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. ZEBRA Personnel have extensive field experience and receive ongoing training. Quality workmanship and work ethics are present with each project undertaken by ZEBRA.

Personnel at ZEBRA are cross-trained to operate heavy equipment, vacuum trucks and to drive commercially licensed vehicles. ZEBRA’s personnel have years of experience performing projects requiring Level “D” to Level “A” personal protective equipment, ZEBRA personnel can meet the needs of our clients.

Zebra provides our customers with the confidence knowing that Zebra personnel assigned to the project will “Get the Job Done”. We are prepared, operationally and technically to address, assess and implement project changes, in the field, as they are encountered.

At Zebra, each of us realizes the importance of developing and maintaining positive customer-contractor relations. We know our customer retention and customer loyalty is a direct result of our personnel efforts.

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